A website and a blog

Fantastic! Our website is finally up and running. We've received many emails of interested students in the last days. Some of you are game designers, others are journalists, some are undergrads, some are grad and mentors. And some wonder if this is a place for you. Well, good news. It is! HackingVR is all about taking part in the Oculus NextGen adventure. We are pioneers. We want to conquer new creative worlds. And we'll do so with a diverse team - a captain, a coder, a fisherman, a pirate, a poet. Why not?

Now if you haven't already, go back to the HomePage, and do these 2 simple steps : 1) register for the course 2) fill in our questionnaire.

Due to equipment access, we want to make sure we have a diverse team. So let us know more about who you are!

Looking forward to meeting you in person,

Sandra Rodriguez, PhD