Well fellow creators and pioneers, it's been a year already. I am eager to start on a new adventure! I have had the amazing opportunity to fill in the last months with events, festivals, discoveries of VR, AR, MR, XR experiences. I can't wait to share. And I can't wait to see the new and amazing line of guests for this upcoming semester! Just a tease of some of the people invited - they form part of the best VR content makers and shakers out there, some even rock Robert Redford's world!

Just like last year, we have received many emails of interested students trying to pre-register for the course. Too many unfortunately for the class limitations. But do not worry! we'll also have a fantastic Speaker Series hosted in partnership with the MIT Open Doc Lab and the MIT Center for Arts, Science and Technology, which will be open to the public. And we've got some great speakers in VR, AR and XR.

In the list of students applying this year, there are game designers, journalists, undergrads, grads, VR creators, and AR hackathon winners. The Oculus NextGen family itself has also been growing, and we'll get even more opportunities to share with them as we create and learn along the way.

Last year, I kicked off the class with this call to action: "We are pioneers. We want to conquer new creative worlds. And we'll do so with a diverse team - a captain, a coder, a fisherman, a pirate, a poet. Why not?" A student suggested I should also add a "plumber"... and yes, we need those too. Some Unity plumbers in particular.

In the upcoming days, hard decisions will have to be made - not all can take a spot in the class, unfortunately. Such is the hardship of number of students limitations. But you are all welcomed to our events, and I do look forward to meeting you all in person.

Sandra Rodriguez, PhD


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