Tilt Brush: Painting from a new perspective

Creators: Google Skillman Hackett

Released: April 2016

VR Technology – HTC Vive

Viewing System – Tethered VR

While not quite a narrative, Google’s Tilt Brush is a magical experience that allows storytellers, designers and artists to take the space around them and transform it into a canvas where they can paint in 3D. Tilt Brush is the first VR experience I have tried outside simpler mobile VR experiences, and I was blown away by how intuitive and immersive it was.

One of the first things that you notice with Tilt Brush is its wide array of brushes. You can paint with ink, fire or ice to create room-scale 3D artwork that you can walk around in. Tilt Brush also includes an artwork gallery, where you can dive into masterpieces others have created and shared your own work. If you like doodling, modeling or painting, you will love Tilt Brush, but someone who is looking for an immersive story might prefer another experience.

When I tried Tilt Brush, I ended up creating fun 3D doodles and walking around them. With its simplicity, Tilt Brush lets anyone turn their room into a gallery and I encourage everyone to try it out. What would you create using Tilt Brush?