Review 1: Chorus

Lead Artist: Tyler Hurd

Key collaborators: Chris Milk, Megan Ellison, Justice

Designed in Unity

Viewing System - HTC Vive

Premiered at Sundance Film Fest 2018

Interview with Creators

In CHORUS, six people transform into fantastical female warriors and band together to battle evil—orchestrated to the song “Chorus” by Justice. This interactive experience begins in the line. You stand outside a small doorway where a volunteer coordinates six people at a time into several pods. While you wait for 15 or so minutes for the previous group to finish, you have time to get to know the other people, discussing what other experiences they've done and their excitement, anticipation, or nervousness before going through the experience. A woman in the group before mine was evidently blown away by the game (and also experienced some vertigo) because we kept hearing screams and whelps during their experience.

Once your time arrives, you are led into a room broken up into six small rooms. A volunteer sets you up with the HTC Vive backpack rig and one by one the others pop into your ear as you are given your "body". It reminds me a bit of playing Halo online and chatting with friends in different places. Set to the tune of an electric pop-ish song, you are given instructions about a futuristic world with an impending evil presence. The movement tracking is great and you each have weapons you get to shoot at monsters. You can't interact or change the story, you're pretty much flying through space shooting energy beams at monster, but it's really fun. Luckily there were a few friends in my group so as they started talking to each other, it got us strangers interacting as well. You can actually see the avatars of the other folks so you can wave and yell instructions at them. I think a group of friends playing multiple levels would be really fun.