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Virtual Speech

Developed by: VirtualSpeech

Year of Update: 2018

Platform: Oculus Gear VR

Viewing System: Google Cardboard, Gear, Rift

“VR is an excellent educational tool;” I’ve hear this say multiple times, but I have never had the chance to view it in action. VirtualSpeech- Public Speaking VR was my first in experiencing how VR can significantly help people in their lives. Typically, educational tools help you to learn a topic or to help memorize information but VirtualSpeech is a tool that allows you to improve a skill that will be used in many different situations.

VirtualSpeech is a VR education simulation game that lets the user gain experience in public speaking; this ranges from giving a speech in an auditorium to a presentation to colleagues to an interview with a company. The game monitors the users eye movement, speed and volume and gives feedback on how they did; additionally, the game offers advice of how the user should improve and how the improvements benefit the user and audience. The experience takes the simulation a step further and makes the character design for NPC (non-playable characters) have realistic faces and bodies which made the experience more helpful since it prepares the user for talking in front of strangers.

I thought they use the eye-tracking software in such a clever way since people can practice speaking but practicing the non-verbal actions is more difficult. With this game, they don’t only help in how the words sound but how a person presents themselves as well.

I never view myself as a strong or weak public speaker, but this game made me more comfortable with the situations. I recommend this to anyone who does have difficulty with public speaking because I found it extremely informative with low risks and high rewards.